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The Further benefits of Trust from a company Vision statement

Trust certainly funnels down to all layers of the organization. Once the leadership team has the Vision, they need to share it and prove they are trustworthy and competent with their team members. Trust enables things to get done in teams, workgroups, communities, and life, by creating an environment where people don’t question one another’s motives and priorities. When the core of trust is built on your Vision, then it can be seen and measured by everyone in the organization. You know if team members are living their values by the way they work with peers and customers. You know the organization is living its mission everyday by the work that is produced. You know the company is working toward it’s vision if the annual strategic plan has the vision as its ultimate goal.

Keep in mind that the word Vision with the capital “V” means the all three of the statements: Mission, Vision and Value statements all working together to keep the organization on track.

To learn more about how these statements can help your run a successful company pick up a copy of my book, “A Small Business Guide to Developing Mission, Vision, and Value Statements


Small Business Events

Small Business EventsIn a world saturated with innumerable modes of instant but occasionally impersonal online communication, small business events, today something of a throwback, can be a unique way to connect with potential customers. If they’re done right, small business events are a classic way for businesses to engage their customers as well as bring in potential customers. The personal interaction with a targeted demographic can build loyalty or generate new interest, adding to a customer base and building business.

Do you have a venue that can hold 20 to 150+ people? Then let us help you get some great exposure for your business by hosting Small Business Events

Here is how it works: You would host a Small Business Events on online marketing, led by  one of our experts.  In return, you’d get

  • Promotion to over 7500 of our contacts
  • Your logo and website on the event page and all marketing materials
  • Time to give a short talk about your business, and distribute brochures or literature
  • Event loaded on Local and National Calendars
  • Free seminar invitations for your customers
  • Door prizes for your event guest
  • A front-row seat to learning that can help you build your own business

Sound good? Then fill out our quick Event Form. We’ll be in touch with more details


Turn A Cold Call Into An Effective Lead

Cold calling is a part of many businesses. It is loved by some professionals and dreaded by others. Regardless of your personal opinion, cold calling is an effective sales technique that can help generate leads, customers and more revenue. I came up with five tips to help you turn your cold call into an effective lead.

Investigate Before The Call

Who will you be calling? What is their background? How will your product or service benefit them? These are all significant questions to ask before the call. Even doing a simple Google or LinkedIn search can make a big difference. Learning more about the person you’re calling can help create a personal connection and turn a small conversation into a meaningful one.

Know Your Pitch and Be Ready for Objections

You want to be prepared when you place the call. Know what you’re going to say, your main points and how you will convey your message. In other words, know your pitch! Furthermore, anticipate objections, as they are very common in cold calling. The main key is practicing responding to them. Think of any objections prospective clients might have. Then, come up with answers to them. By anticipating objections and having planned responses, you will be more likely to succeed in your cold call.

Use Referrals

Whenever possible, use referrals as they are very powerful. Referrals increase credibility and give you something in common with the person you are talking to. If you don’t have a referral, try and think of someone you have in common with the person you’re calling. Even if it’s just a connection on LinkedIn, it’s better than no one at all. When you connect with someone based upon a referral, the likelihood of the person buying your product/service, or at least agreeing to a meeting, significantly increases.

Timing Is Everything

Simply put, get to the point so you don’t waste the prospective client’s time. Especially in this day and age, where people are very busy, it’s vital to say your pitch in an efficient and quick way. You’ll find this goes a long way in improving your cold call.

Leave A Message

Oftentimes, your call will go straight to voicemail. If this happens, leave a brief message highlighting the main points of your pitch. Leave your contact information and also clarify that you will call back at a different time.

So there you have it, a few tips to help increase the success of your cold call. Oftentimes, a great partnership with your client begins with a simple cold call. I hope you use these suggestions in the next one you make! Also, check out this video for more tips on cold calling.


Author Spotlight: Sonia Keffer

soniaSonia Keffer has been developing and facilitating employee-training workshops for seventeen years. A main focus of Sonia’s work is the internal motivation that is necessary for all of us to be truly successful. Being passionate about her work she enjoys bringing new ideas to all levels of employees and seeing the spark ignite in someone when they understand how to incorporate a new concept into their own personal or professional life. Her training sessions are high energy and interactive which allow for maximum participation and learning. Sonia has been fortunate enough to work across the United States with such organizations as The county of Orange, California, the City and county of San Francisco, Stearns-Benton Workforce Center and On With Life. Here is Omaha Sonia has worked with such terrific organizations as Fashion Cleaners, Omaha Public Schools, Omaha Tri-county Workforce Development, Henningsen Foods, Inc., SOCAP, PVPL, the Nebraska Art Council, the Nebraska Shakespeare Festival and NAM. Among Sonia’s other passions are her involvement in community theatre including being involved all four years of the Great Plains Theatre Conference sponsored by Metropolitan Community College. This summer she both directed and acted in new works first presented at the conference at Omaha’s Shelterbelt Theater.