Author Spotlight: Jill Slupe

jillJill Slupe is the CEO of Verde Martin, Inc., a sales acceleration firm in Omaha and Chicago that uses a sales audit process to drive sales for its many clients. With Jill’s help, clients have successfully launched new markets and new products, expanded operations domestically and internationally, implemented strategic planning, reduced the cost of sales, and improved their bottom lines. Jill is a business developer, teacher, and author. In her recent book, Rule of Thumb: A Guide to Sales Strategy, she leads the reader through the sales process and lays groundwork for a sound sales strategy. Strategic and tactical step-by-step exercises in the book push the reader to create business strategies to drive new revenue. Jill’s career as a sales and business consultant can be traced back to solid operational experience working for the U.S. Air Force, where she converted 33 international and domestic operations to for-profit entities for Air Combat Command. Jill led a training center where operations managers at youth centers, golf courses, and officer’s clubs learned how to measure and increase sales and revenues. Jill gained additional experience and expertise with more than 10 years of management in various senior roles at Yellow Book and PayPal. This included guiding mergers and acquisitions, and managing both inside and outside sales teams, Internet and new media marketing, product development, market expansion and talent management. Jill supports the community with service on a number of governing boards, and is an active member of several business networking groups. She has received many awards for outstanding performance and small business support. She holds an MBA from Creighton University and maintains a personal global network in Asia and Europe to assist with business development.

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FTE … Who Me?

An FTE is a “full-time equivalent” and is recognized as 2080 hours a year.  Growth can be measured in several ways and one way is knowing if you require more production hours to meet your customer demand.  Many entrepreneurs start on a shoestring and perform most, if not all, of the tasks required to produce and distribute their product.

Some have assistance from family members and friends who volunteer to help.  It is not uncommon for children or grandchildren to help with some of the packaging, labeling, computer tasks and other duties. Often a spouse will help with the billing or recordkeeping.

These donated hours are frequently lost in the shuffle of starting a business and are seldom documented.  Of course, when you are established and have paid staff these hours will figure into budget needs and business reports which require tracking employee hours. However even without paid staff, you should be tracking these hours if you want to truly understand your company.

In addition to recognizing the signs of needing more help because you have more business, tracking FTE has several benefits.  If you need to request financing or wish to sell all or part of your business, the prospective investor will need a good-faith estimate of the actual hours required to run your business.  They will not have the advantage of your volunteers and will need to budget for paid staff.

So, yes, if you are working on or in your business you are an FTE.