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Member Spotlight – Demanding Joy

logoRGB_512Want more joy in your life?  You deserve all the best life has to offer!

Demanding Joy offers transformational coaching, workshops, and public speaking to help people who would like more joy in their life. We teach our clients how to quiet the critical voice in their minds, reduce stress & anxiety, and live happier, healthier, more successful lives.

With Demanding Joy, you will learn:

  • tools to live a more joyful, abundant, healthy, prosperous life
  • how to befriend & nurture your authentic self
  • techniques to identify & release anything that my be keeping you from your highest good
  • to be more balanced, confident, passionate – even fearless!
  • to align your own thoughts, words, choices, & behavior with your core values & your true intentions

They love helping people recognize their value and articulate their dreams.  They dance with happiness when they see those dreams realized.  If you’re feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, disconnected, depleted, unsure about your path, or just in need of a little boost, you are not alone.  We invite you to learn how incredible you really are.  Let Demanding Joy help you demand your joy.


What’s “Up”?

Have you ever noticed how often “up” is used after a verb? A misunderstanding can be cleared up. A problem can crop up. A subject may come up in a conversation. People are asked to listen up. An excited person is sometimes said to be wound up. A person can creep up on someone else. A robber may hold up and bank. The list goes on and on.

One use of “up” that tends to grate on my nerves is slow up. Speed up is certainly understandable because “up” indicates an upward direction or an increase in something. So, how can one slow up? Perhaps the reason it gets on my nerves is that the pairing is clearly illogical. The proper term is slow down.

Also, one may open up the blinds in the morning and will close up the blinds in the evening. Really? One can simply close the blinds. In the same vein, one only needs to open the blinds.

The problem is that many of these terms are idioms or slang that are easily replaced with a better verb or simply the verb without the “up.”  “Dream up” can become “devise” or “formulate.”  “Take up time” should be “take time.” “Wake up” means to “awake.” “Listen up” can be simply “listen.” “Stop up” means “clog.”  “Call up” is just “call.” One can “clean” a mess just as easily as one can “clean up” a mess.

While many of these phrases (or idioms) are not so easy to replace or may actually be the best way to convey a meaning, do stop yourself every time you write “up.” Is it truly needed? Does a better verb more clearly reflect the action? The bottom line:  Avoid overusing terms with “up” in them. The continual use of “up” makes your writing sound unpolished and immature.


Member Spotlight: Mid-America Expositions, Inc.

Midamlog1964-80Mid-America Expositions, Inc. was launched by the overwhelming success of the Company’s first event, Queen For A Day, which drew over 50,000 women to the Omaha Civic Auditorium in November of 1964. The Event produced by the late Bob Mancuso, Sr., was the beginning of a number of excellent events.

Whether producing a trade show where buyers and sellers in an industry can get together or promoting a special event that offers an opportunity for people to spectate or participate, Mid-America Expositions, Inc. is dedicated to the highest quality of shows and has been bringing business and people together for over 50 years !


Bet You Never Thought About . . .

Whether you know it or not, you or someone you know may be the owner of a small business. Do you sell Avon, Tupperware, drive for Uber, mow lawns, clean houses, prepare taxes, provide child care services write press releases, or resumes, organize for others, or any of hundreds of other “jobs” that you do a few or more hours a week by yourself?

These small jobs may be your only source of income or that extra that helps you make ends meet or save for that big fun purchase. But, do you know everything about owning and running business? Most of us don’t.

There are many small things that business owners need to know how to do in order to make their business more successful, profitable and legal. My business partner and I at Rule of Thumb for Business have just the solution for you. We have created a subscription based approach to helping small business ownersLearn what they need to know to grown and sustain their business, to Networkwith other business owners and potential customers, and to Market their business to the wider world.

We invite you to learn from our over forty years of experience helping entrepreneurs and small business owners, like yourself, meet goals, maintain and grow your business into what you know it can be.

Check out the Rule of Thumb for Business membership page to learn about all of the exciting opportunities available to member businesses just like yourself.  When you join you will receive over $600 in services including,

  • FREE Meet-Ups (with over 450 members)
  • FREE business Spotlight on our website, email newsletter, and social media outlets
  • reaching over 20,000 people
  • FREE ROTB Books
  • FREE One-on-one Business Coaching
  • FREE On-line Training Material
  • Discounts on Small Business Products and services

Even if this is not right for you at this point in time, we want to ask you a favor.  Would you please pass this email on to a friend, relative, or small business owner that you know who could benefit from the tools and services that we offer at Rule of Thumb for Business?

We thank you and wish you every success,

Sonia Keffer and Michael Mitilier