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Communication Crisis

communication crisisThere is a communication crisis in the marketplace. As individuals and organizations shift from traditional forms of communication to leverage technology, we’re seeing lots of information flowing back and forth, but much of it is ineffective, frustrating, and confusing.There are generational preferences when it comes to communication. Baby boomers prefer a phone call, Gen-Xers would rather get an email, and Millenials like to communicate via text. These are generalizations, of course, but seem to make sense as we think about the technological evolution of the past 50 years. READ MORE »


Website for the Mobile Masses

mobile massesLet’s do an experiment for the mobile masses.  Grab the nearest mobile device (tablet, iPad, smart phone).  Open an internet browser and type in your company website.  How does your website look on the small screen? Is the content easy to read and is your website easy to navigate?



Creative Decision

creative decisionHow can you make a creative decision when you are answering questions like these; Paper or Plastic? Windows open or air conditioning? Dress up or casual? Get up when the alarm goes off or snooze? Cookie or apple?

Decisions, you make hundreds of them every day. Whether you think deeply about each one or they are just an automatic reaction to a life situation, they are a part of our lives—and businesses.  Do you enjoy making decisions and solving problems or is it a fact of life that you try to avoid?  How we feel about making decisions and solving problems will determine how easily we can make decisions that are positive for our businesses or decisions that lead to more challenges.



Small Business Rule of Thumbs

Small Business Rule of ThumbsThe small business Rule of Thumbs book series offers basic information in plain language that will help you start, grow and sustain your business. The explanation for using the “rule of thumb” concept was introduced in the first book and is included again here.

History Small Business Rule of Thumbs

Throughout history, a  “small business rule of thumbs” was used in measurements in a wide variety of businesses and vocations. The following list gives a few examples of how the thumb was used for measuring:

  • In agriculture, the thumb was used to measure the depth at which to plant a seed.
  • In restaurants and pubs, the thumb was used to measure the temperature of beer and ale.
  • Tailors used the thumb to make sure enough space was allowed between the person’s skin and his/her clothing. For example, the space between the cuff of the sleeve and the wrist had to be at least the width of the thumb. Rule of Thumb 2
  • Carpenters used the width of the thumb rather than a ruler for measuring. For example, a notch in a board may need to be cut two thumb widths from the edge.

A “rule of thumb” is an idea or rule that may be applied in most situations, but not all. The “rules of thumb” in these books give you many reliable, convenient and simple rules that will help you remember many “dos” and “don’ts” that go with owning and running a business. Many of these concepts can also be used in a variety of business situations ranging from management, sales, customer service, human resources and leadership.

The information is designed to be easy, simple and action-oriented. To learn more about the Rule of Thumb for Small Business organization visit our website at  When you purchase the whole series of books you can save up to 20%, additional the books are available digitally on Amazon, Nook and Apple’s Ibooks.


Preparing Conversations

conversationsAre you comfortable initiating conversations with people you have never met when you are at networking events?  How about preparing ahead of time?

First off, do a self-assessment, know what is interesting about yourself and share it!  YES, you have many interesting (business appropriate) things to share!


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