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Form Letters

Image result for mail mergeWe’ve all received form letters and mailings from businesses that have personalized information inserted throughout the document. Frequently they will look something like this: READ MORE »


Franchising Your Small Business

Fanchising Small Business GrowthWhile there are several books dealing specifically with business finances, including A Guide to Financing Your Small Business and A Guide to Small Business Finances, any consideration of business growth has to encompass at least some discussion on financing options such as mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and franchising.  READ MORE »


The ART of Customer Service

Customer ServiceCustomer Service…what is it?  Is it like beauty, you know in the eye of the beholder?  We all have a different perspective about what makes service good.  Many years ago, I worked for a very large utility company where I was recognized for delivering good customer service; I also worked for a ginormous telecommunications company where I received an award for quality service to customers.  READ MORE »


Cubicle World

Cubicle WorldBecause those in cubicle world are so visible, there is a subconscious assumption that the person is always available. Following are some guidelines for our workday life in the cubicle world. READ MORE »


Book Excerpts Now Available

Thanks to an online marketing tool called BookGrabbr, Rule Of Thumb for Small Business book excerpts are now available.  Gone are the days of buying a book to see if you like it. With, readers can review an excerpt and if they want to read more, click on one of several “buy” links right from the BookGrabbr preview.

Readers can benefit from the BookGrabbr program which provides a viral opportunity to download or ‘Grabb’ free books and/or excerpts by simply agreeing to share the excerpt link through one or more of their social media accounts.

A complete list of books published by the imprints are available on our website: .  Once a reader finds a book they want to preview, they can go to, sign up as a reader, search for the book title, click on the link, agree to share the link with their social media, and viola, the excerpt appears on their screen. Throughout the excerpt, the program provides easy access to a number of “buy” links including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indie Bound, and others.

Terri Leidich, president and publisher at BQB/WriteLife Publishing commented, “With the BookGrabbr tool, readers are able to sample the works of our many talented authors before investing in the book or eBook to read the entire story. It’s a great way for readers to discover their next favorite book and author.”

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