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Know Competitors? Google Does

Know Competitors

There are many different ways of getting to know competitors, but the best way is – without comparison – via the omnipresent Google. The internet has revolutionized many aspects of having a business, and the way that you as an entrepreneur can gather information about competitors.

Formerly, it took greater effort to identify the other players in your field, or simply to get a sales brochure from a competitor. Today, this information is available to us the minute we look for it. With Google Alerts, for example, we do not even have to look for the information, but will receive an email when there is news about a product or a competitor. However, the internet is not the only place for us to get more knowledge about the market.

Other places include magazines and professional papers where the advertisements themselves hold a lot of information. You can often collect information from associations, and get the opportunity to meet and talk to your competitors. The same applies if your branch holds a congress or an annual conference. Finally, it is also possible to get information about the market from your own clients. To get an insight into the prices in the market, you might ask your clients what they usually pay for orders such as yours