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Website for the Mobile Masses

mobile massesLet’s do an experiment for the mobile masses.  Grab the nearest mobile device (tablet, iPad, smart phone).  Open an internet browser and type in your company website.  How does your website look on the small screen? Is the content easy to read and is your website easy to navigate?

Look at your website again, with fresh eyes, from the perspective of a potential customer.  What does a mobile user experience when they visit your company website?  Can a customer easily access the information they need?  Will customers give up in frustration and move on to a competitor’s website?

This week, one of our trainers facilitated a free seminar on mobile development and it got me thinking about all of the times I’ve tried accessing various websites on my phone only to find that I can’t read the microscopic text on my mobile screen.   With so many people embracing mobile technology, it’s important for both large and small businesses to make sure their websites are optimized to accommodate a multitude of screen sizes.    After all, you want to ensure a positive experience for all of your potential clients whether they are using a desktop computer, a tablet or a smart phone.

Mobile Masses: Where to begin? 

Well thankfully this doesn’t have to be an expensive complex process.  It can be as simple as having your web designer tailor existing web content to accommodate a variety of mobile devices or as complex as creating native applications for different devices.    The bottom line is you should be aware of what your customers experience when they visit your website on a mobile device.    If the experience is less than optimal, it is worth looking into improving the experience for your mobile customers.

The technology may seem daunting and it may be tempting to just let this whole mobile thing slide.   But when you think of how much business you may be missing out on because mobile users can’t easily access your web content, it becomes a no brainer.   It’s time to join the mobile revolution! Check out Rule of Thumb’s Small Business book series