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Business Growth Necessitates Change

It has been said that the only one who likes change is a wet baby and even that can be debatable, however, business growth necessitates change.  The challenge is to predict or anticipate the need for and the effect of the change.  If you are a small start-up, then possibly every aspect of your business will undergo some transformation during a growth spurt.  If you are a larger company that already has division of labor, the changes may not be felt equally among all the different departments at the same time but they will probably all be affected eventually.

One of the most important items for the owner(s) to consider when business growth is imminent or happening is to determine the best and highest value of their time and talents.  In the start-up phase, many business owners perform the entire spectrum of job responsibilities from production to marketing, from accounting to management, and even emptying the trash.  As a company grows, the job divisions need to reflect the best possible use of talents in yourself, employee pool or in your prospective employees.  Owners need to decide if they want to work “in” the business or “on” the business.    Maybe you prefer to continue making the product (working in the business) and hiring management or you can hire someone to make the widgits while you work “on” the business of managing the company. There is a big difference and answering this question first will help you determine later decisions.

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