Because Small Business is Big Business

Six Words

Six WordsHemmingway was once challenged to compose a novel in six words.  As the story goes he
wrote “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”  The challenge is a provocative one and could also be applied to every business.  In 2006, Smith Magazine asked its readers to write a story about their own lives in six words.  It was called Six Word Memoir Project. Going through the motions of defining yourself or your business in six words is powerful.  Sharing the six words you come up with is a great way to communicate the essence of your business and could be the beginning of a longer conversation.  Every business has a six-word story. What is yours?

Here are a couple of my favorite stories:

Certainty is overrated. Become a freelancer.      –Jessica Berta

Dwelled on the past, became an anthropologist.      –Jason Joyce

Middle school counselor. Teenage angst specialist.      –Carey Taylor

A nurse to repay past kindnesses.       –Franchesca Fenn

Little rocks make big ripples.      –Jeanine Schill

I am good at pushing around commas.      –Cherly Della Dietra

Sought flexible conditions, became a yoga instructor.      –Pamela McFarland Walsh

A corporate jungle needs a Tarzan.      –Alicia King

Philanthropist: putting my money where my mouth is.      –Rob McKay

Judging: not just my day jobs.      –Hon. Kristin Rosi

My brain understands spreadsheets too well.       –Kellie Freedom

To help heroes of small business.      –Despina Yeargin

By writing, I create new worlds.       –Marita C. Masuch

Celebrating birth to death with flowers.       –Imelda Hinojosa

No, seriously.  I teach laughter classes.       –Suzanne Pappas

Had mid-life crisis, bought a bookstore.       –Praveen Maden

This job?  Second choice.  First? Pirate.       –Elizabeth Kalman

I am a librarian, hear me whisper.      –Catherine Lee

Bad at math, good with colors.       –Jolie Foreman

Like hell I’ll be runner up.      — Zack Freedman

You tell me; I’m a researcher.       –Paul Harrington