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Boss or Leader

Boss or leader

When you start a company (or buy one), you have to choose who you are. Possibly you have been the boss or leader as part of a management group.  As the company develops, you will have to change your role (probably at several intervals along the growth curve). *What is the best and maximum value use of your energy and talents?  What is your passion? 

*If you generate a product or provide assistance, can others become qualified to finish those tasks?

*Do you truly appreciate promoting your item or concept?  Then maybe you need to become the head of promotion.

*Are you the concept individual who can conceptualize items and services?  Perhaps coordinating the research and development is your strength.

Just realize that one individual can no longer finish all the projects and the more growth your company enjoys, the more you will have to make choices about who you are and what role you have in the company and its sustainability.  This is also a reminder to review your company organization chart (hopefully you did it by business responsibilities, not job titles) and see which duties can be assigned to employees.

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