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Tips After Startup Phase

Here are six tips after startup phaseTips After Startup Phase

  1. Market, market, and then market more!  I can’t stress the importance of letting the world know that you have something to sell them.  Market daily.
  2. Network, network, and then network more!  You can’t sit at your desk or stand behind a counter 5 to 7 days a week.  It is critical that you venture out and network with potential business-to-business buyers.
  3. Draw no or minimal payroll from the profits in your new business for as long as you can.  Doing this allows you to build a reserve for repairs, new equipment, unexpected expenses, and emergencies.
  4. Change our businesses website monthly to offer new services or products and to create tickler headings that will fuel potential buyers to read more and call you and/or walk in the door of your business.
  5. Throw out the old adage that the customer is always right.  If the customer were always right, they would not need your services or products.  The customer is missing something and it’s whatever you have to sell.  You are the expert; you are right and you have something to share that is of value.
  6. Brand your name and your business via social media marketing.  Be the go-to expert for all areas related to your business.  Stay visible by submitting articles to your local news media, tweeting daily, posting to LinkedIn, and create a Facebook page for your business.

For more great ways to build and sustain your small business, check out the book A Guide to Sustainability for Small Business