Because Small Business is Big Business

You Are a Powerful Brand

YOU are a powerful brand! What does it say? The wealth of information shared here will empower you to intentionally build your most successful brand, NOW! Enjoy learning a myriad of techniques for positively powerful brandinfluencing people, making an excellent first impression and increasing the bottom line! In today’s competitive business environment, good manners, proper speech patterns, careful grooming, and professional communication skills can make the difference between getting ahead and being left behind. Although it is often not fair, the fact is, even in business relationships, we still judge people by how they act, speak, look, and write. This is particularly true when we are considering hiring someone to represent our company. Our professional manner, communication skills and attitude wield a powerful influence over their decisions to create a partnership with us, and to influence their decisions to purchase our products and services.

All forms of communication affect others, whether clients, colleagues, suppliers or friends.
In this global economy, the winner may very well be the one with that powerful brand; that extra bit of polish. The individual who makes a flawless impression at the table, on the phone, on sales calls and even online, is often the one to clinch the deal. Numerous opportunities are lost due to a lack of soft skills, even when technical proficiency is superb. Highly-skilled technical staff members are being required more and more to make sales calls and give presentations.

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