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Motivated by DISCO

 discoMaybe it was the was the influence of being a child in the 70’s and the impression I got from those great movies like Saturday Night Fever, Roller Boogie or Xanadu, but I have always found great inspiration from all things DISCO.  So, a few weeks back, I was reminded of this when I was shopping with a good friend in an eclectic boutique.  The store had many cool things for sale, but the one thing I wanted to buy was a disco ball.  Unfortunately, the shop owner was not willing to part with this, so I decided to just go ahead and order one online.  I was so excited when this arrived!  I took it straight to my office at the college and decided that it had to be installed in that office.

Working in an educational environment, sometimes things can seem very “institutional.”  We need to have things around us that inspire, motivate and foster creativity.  That is exactly what has happened!  I can’t believe the difference this disco ball has made.  One of my awesome students installed the disco ball above my desk.  When he finished, I pulled up my Pandora account and created a Disco station.  Since the ball was installed, my office has become very FUN!  I have been in a GREAT mood and having disco music playing has proven to be not only motivational, but enjoyable.  Many of my students, colleagues and visitors have taken a moment to bust out a groove or two and we have shared some laughs!!!  Who knew that some funky mirrored ball along with the atmosphere filled with Gloria Gaynor and the Bee Gees could put everyone in such a jovial mood and allow folks to take a small step outside of their comfort zone?

When I walk into my office, instead of being overwhelmed by the work ahead of me, I see the disco ball and smile.  My disposition is automatically lightened and I realize that great things can happen that day!  As I leave my office, I turn to lock my door and I look through the window and I see the disco ball hanging and it leaves me feeling like I had FUN at work and a great time interacting with others.  It has not only inspired me, but many of my students and cohorts have mentioned that they have enjoyed it too!

So, besides seeing that I am a bit weird and might have an odd obsession with polyester bell bottoms and dance floors that light up…what can you take away from this?  Do you have something that puts you in a good mood and stirs up emotions of fun, relaxation and creativity?  Why not incorporate this into your daily routine by having it around you and accessible?  You might be surprised by the influence it can have on how you handle yourself and situations you are in.  It might also allow those around you to learn more about you and see you “enjoy” yourself and become more comfortable with your work and your environment.  Sometimes we take ourselves and the tasks we have too seriously that it stifles our innovative thinking and we get bogged down with focusing on the end result.  We need to remember to allow ourselves time to grow and be inspired along the way.  That is what leads to great ideas, new approaches and awesome problem-solving.

Find your disco ball, whatever that might be…maybe it is an old arcade style video game, a life-size poster of your favorite politician, a Star Wars light saber or a beaded doorway from the 60’s…whatever it is that makes you smile and reflective of the possibilities you have.  Bring that inspiration into your daily routine so that you can then inspire others and allow them to see the magic.  Everyone can benefit from the disco ball effect if they allow themselves to!

Do you have something that you greatly enjoy and that brings a smile and level of comfort to you?  How can you incorporate this into your daily routine?  Check out our whole series of books to get you motivated.