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Sales Process

Sales ProcessThe sales process, or the steps of the sale, should complement the channel you have
selected.  You are at the pinnacle of the sales process and the most fun- deciding how to sell the product or service.

Before we create your sales process, let’s review how something is purchased.  We will assume for this chapter that when something is purchased there is an exchange of money for the product or service.

Step 1: The buyer has a need, problem, or want (WANT)

Step 2: The buyer seeks knowledge (AWARENESS)
The consumer is in search of information so he or she can find the need, a solution to the problem, or fulfillment of the want.  At this stage the consumer seeks information or knowledge.

Step 3: The buyer collects the information and evaluates the alternatives (KNOWLEDGE)
At step three, the consumer eliminates products and services and decides what product or service is best.  Consumers are selecting the best product or service based on the information they have.  They also base decisions on their experience.

Step 4: The buyer chooses (SELECTION)
The buyer makes a selection.

Step 5: The buyer purchases (CLOSE)
This step includes payment or a commitment to purchase.

Step 6: The buyer uses (VALUE)
Customer service, account management, and post purchase behavior fall into Step 6.  Customer service and account management usually support a service.  Post-purchase behavior is when the consumers mentally rank the satisfaction of a purchase.  They evaluate if they liked the store, the sales person, the product, or the service.

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