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Themes Party

themesIn the same way that styles are an easy way to change the look of document TEXT, themes provide a quick way to change the overall look of the DOCUMENT as a whole.  A theme consists of a set of coordinated colors, fonts and object effects. There are forty themes available in Office 2010.  Themes are a new development that first appeared in Office 2007.  If you’re using an earlier version of Microsoft Office, this tool is not available.

When a new theme is selected, three document elements are updated:

Fonts: A new set of fonts are applied to the text.  A font set includes a heading font and a body font.

Colors: Each theme consists of eight coordinated colors.  This is great for those of us who aren’t graphic designers and don’t want to spend time figuring out which colors are complementary. You’ll notice the theme colors when changing the font color or applying a paragraph fill.

Object Effects:  Object effects are applied to charts and other document graphics.  Effects may include beveled edges, shadows, and reflections.

Next time you are looking to impress someone with a proposal or presentation, throw on a theme.  To find other useful technology tools check out the book A Guide to Small Business Software Technology