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Outstanding Leadership Qualities

Outstanding Leadership Qualities We can (and should) all demonstrate outstanding leadership qualities, no matter what level of education or experience we have obtained. Here are three characteristics that the best leaders exemplify, whether in the corporate world, at school, with a professional organization or within any chosen field or ministry:

Commitment to Excellence

Without commitment, there can be no success! Without commitment, tough times can pull you away to an easier path. Great leaders lead by example and build trust in those who work with them. Trust allows others to disagree when necessary and not just echo what everyone thinks the leader wants to hear. Although you must listen to, and respect, other’s opinions, that does not mean giving in or compromising your values. Great leaders INSPIRE those around them. The key is commitment!


You know you have the ability to get the job done. You are the confident leader who produces results. This applies to anyone–group leader, administrative staff, customer service representatives, managers–or whatever position you may hold.


One major example of confidence is being secure enough to apologize when wrong. This shows you are a person of strength and instills confidence in others. People often need a confidence boost, and that boost increases their self-esteem. People tend to treat us the way we treat ourselves, so speak and act with confidence! Great leaders are humble AND confident!

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