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Love Sales

Love SalesMy business is all about sales and so I thought I would share three reasons why I love sales and the sales process.

  1. Sales is a discovery process

Sales allow you to get to know your customers. Through sales, you can build a relationship with your clients, discover their wants and needs, and work to satisfy them. In addition, sales help you learn about yourself. As we discussed in our last blog, we are all in sales. We sell something every day; whether that’s our image, a new idea, or a request. Sales and the sales process can help us learn about both our customers and ourselves.

  1. Sales are indicators of how your company is performing

At Verde Martin we say that sales is a science because it is measurable. Sales help your company gauge its success or failure. They are clear indicators of the direction your company is headed.

  1. Sales are the lifeblood of a business

It’s a simple concept, but sales affect your bottom line. They are what generate revenue and keep your company prospering. Sales allow businesses to hire employees, invest in new products, cover expenses and focus on doing what they do best. In short, they are what make everything in your company possible!

Want to learn how to Love Sales, check the out the book A Guide to Sales Strategy.