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Business Reputation

A business reputation is very important.  It drives the perception of the public, the frequency of the customers, the opportunities to be involved with the local economy and community as well as the caliber of employees and customers that a business will have.  Competition is always going to be out there and often this is beyond the control of a business owner, manager or leader.  However, there are some pivotal elements of the business that can be controlled.  One of the best assets of a business is the staff.  The employees of a business create the best pathway to publicity… especially in smaller, rural settings.  The image that the employees portray and the opinions that they share about the workplace will be instrumental in how that business is viewed by potential customers, partners, and the business community.

Keep in mind how we always say that how a person behaves is usually an indication of what is going on at home… the same goes for a business.  The level of happiness and excitement that is shown by an employee is a good indication of how that person is treated in the workplace and how satisfied they are with their job.  If a person is valued in their position and they are engaged while working, they will talk about this and it will seep into the other aspects of their lives both personal and social.  Employees can be the best form of advertising around!

Happy employees make happy customers and happy customers help build companies!  

Business ReputationWhat are you doing to ensure your team is talking up your company?  That they are
sharing the positive aspects of the business and creating an attractive picture for the public?

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