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Solopreneurs: 10Ninety-Nine Project

SolopreneursDid you know, according to the US Small Business Administration and Census there are
22 million small businesses that solely on them self as the only employee. Imagine how difficult it is to grow your business when you are trying to run it on our own. These individuals are often considered Solopreneurs.

What are Solopreneurs?

A person who sets up and runs a business on their own. They can be creators, makers, inventors, artisans and contractors. They’re not creating a company to hire employees; they don’t have access to piles of money; they’re just creating a niche for themselves in their own marketplace. Often times, these Solopreneurs make an average of $29,000 a year.

The 10Ninety-Nine Project

For the last five years, Rule of Thumb for Small Business has been an innovative leader providing resources, published materials and presentation forums to small businesses for their growth, development, and long-term sustainability.

Rule of Thumb for Small Business is committed to helping these solopreneurs grow and succeed, by creating the 10Ninety-Nine Project.  The goal of the project is to help solopreneurs stay in business, through increased sales by granting small amounts of money quarterly to pay for one of the following:

  1. One year subscription to e-commerce website ($500 Maximum)
  2. A month of ad words ($250 Maximum)
  3. For an exhibitor/vendor booth where their products can be sold ($250 Maximum)

The funding comes from donations, proceeds from Rule of Thumb Books Sales, and other fundraising activities.  The amount raised each quarter determines the amount of support we offer to solopreneurs.

Wouldn’t you like to be a part of helping over 22 million people stay in business?  It is easy, purchase books, click on our website ads or donate.