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Vision Statement

Where the mission explains why the organization exists and the work it does every day, the vision statement sets a long-term goal for the organization. The vision statement is a very short phrase or sentence that sets an exciting tone for planning the future of the organization. It is the organization’s shared hopes, dreams, and image of the future.

The vision statement answers:

  • What do we want to become in the future?

Here is an example of a statement from Nike, the 1960s: “Crush Adidas” Current: “To be the number one athletic company in the world.” Jose Luis Romeo, on his website,, defines the vision statements beautifully as, “… something you want to become, to achieve, it is a seductive image of an ideal future.” Nike’s statements do just that. They don’t give us specific deadlines, but they create a spirit of action which can be translated into specific, measurable goals by teams, departments, and individuals within the organization. The vision statement inspires growth and gives direction to achieve our mission every day.

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