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Characteristics Of Potential Leader

Potential LeaderIf you are considering promoting a potential leader or hiring a highly-skilled individual who lacks loyalty, he should be disqualified. Don’t even consider taking them on the journey with you because, in the end, they will hurt you more than help you. What does it mean for others to be loyal to you? Probably the same traits others require of you as well.

  1. They accept you with your strengths–and weaknesses.
  2. They speak well of you to others. Loyal people may disagree with you privately and hold you accountable for what you are capable of achieving, yet they never criticize you to others.
  3. They are able to share the ups and downs as you journey together, making the trip less lonely and much more fulfilling.
  4. They share your dream. Many people will share part of your journey but a special few will want to come alongside and help you reach the finish line.

Now What? Write a job description for a great boss and use it as a guide for yourself. Be the one who gives honest feedback, is the patient of other’s mistakes, does not overload employees and realizes they have lives outside of work. Are you the kind of boss you would want to work for?

Making things happen in and through others will depend entirely on your ability to lead them. Without leadership, there is no teamwork and people go their own way. If your dream is big and requires the teamwork of a lot of people, those you select to work with will need to be people who are trustworthy, loyal, and can develop the ability to influence others. That is what leadership is all about. When you think about it, all leaders have two things in common: They are going somewhere, and they are able to persuade others to go along with them. Thomas Jefferson once said, “No duty the executive has to perform is so trying as to put the right man in the right place”.

Leaders must see farther and more quickly than their teammates. They anticipate what is going to happen next. They get the team moving in the right direction ahead of time, and the team is in a position to win.

As the old saying goes, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life!” Plant seeds of exemplary leadership and watch them grow!

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