Because Small Business is Big Business

Success Demands Precision

SuccessLots of people achieve a level of success but then are amazed that it is fleeting, and it just drifts away. They are perplexed that they are unable to recreate the same results. What they don’t see or forget is the law of precision, the salvation of mediocre sales people who want greater success.

Preparation and Accountability

What those people are experiencing are the consequences of too little preparation and no accountability for completing the critical few activities in a repeatable sort of way. And, sometimes an unwillingness to fully commit to a precise approach to the what and how of building their practices.

Put Process to Work

We preach the value of developing and executing processes for client acquisition, client retention, and client extension. The well-defined process offers unlimited success, especially in sales. And the more detailed the expectations built into those processes the better.

he Difference-Maker

There is one more element that is the glue that holds it all together. It is the insistence on precision in the creation and application of your processes. A surgeon is always precise, a diamond-cutter applies his skill precisely. No sorta, usually, or I try to.

The big successes are willing to commit to precise details – the words, music, and choreography – of their sales process. They don’t leave big chunks to make up every time. They sweat all the details in advance. By doing so, they get out of bed ready to go every day. If not, they wake up unemployed

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