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Create a Relationship Trademark

After your work is done, the papers have been signed, the handshakes have been shared and the glow of the purchase has dimmed, what is left for your new client?

The good work, the product or service that they get is of tremendous importance. But, the lasting feeling that only a committed selling professional can provide is much more fundamental to happy customers and enduring relationships.

Too many people in business leave their relationship trademark to chance. Is it any wonder that their interpersonal effectiveness is less successful than they want it to be?

10 Elements of an Effective Trademark

Regardless of our personalities or social styles, we all have the ability to frame how we interact with others. We can develop an on-purpose, by-design relationship trademark to influence the feelings others take away from experiences with us.

At the end of the day, your products and services matter a lot, but long after the service has been completed what matters most is how you leave them feeling. That is your relationship trademark, and that is what keeps clients, causes them to stay loyal and buy again.

Your trademark should be based on these 10 principles:

  1. Wear a smile – You want the opportunity to display the seriousness of your client process, but first let them know that you are friendly, likeable. and happy to be there.
  2. Make them feel important – Your meetings with prospects, clients, employees and others should always include a super-sized helping of “it’s all about them.” A smart move is to agree with that sentiment deep-down and to make sure they know it.
  3. Be sincere – There is no faking it when it comes to the customer relationship. Sincerity and authenticity are obvious. The flip side is even more so. Make a point of committing fully to clients, their situations and their needs. Referrals and word of mouth endorsements will naturally follow.
  4. Be interesting – No one likes a presentation or conversation full of endless facts and boring figures. Sweating the details will always matter, but finding ways to make them come alive will endear you to customers. It is more about their needs than it is about your product.
  5. Provide value – A sales person who regularly just “checks in” with a client or prospect accomplishes very little or might damage the relationship. Every interaction should have at its core something of value for your customer.
  6. Be memorable – Don’t be like everyone else. The most successful business people are the ones who find ways to make a statement and to intentionally stand out rather than fitting in.
  7. Make it enjoyable – When you are fun, when you are funny and when you bring charm to the encounter, people notice.
  8. Be professional – There is no room for ad lib or ad hoc when it comes to professional service. Any one who thinks they can make it up as they go is kidding themselves. Adopt the systems approach to all that you do and your results will reflect it.
  9. Inspire trust – When you want people to work with you or for you, a level of trust is a fundamental requirement. If you want to be trusted, be trustworthy. It will pay you back ten times over.
  10. Surprise them – When you give customers more than they expect, sooner than you promised and stuff they never considered, you will always be top of mind with them.

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