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The ART of Customer Service

Customer ServiceCustomer Service…what is it?  Is it like beauty, you know in the eye of the beholder?  We all have a different perspective about what makes service good.  Many years ago, I worked for a very large utility company where I was recognized for delivering good customer service; I also worked for a ginormous telecommunications company where I received an award for quality service to customers.  READ MORE »


Listening Skills Play

The following items provide some clarification about what listening is and is not, as well as what role listening skills play in effective communication. Some you may have already thought about, others perhaps not. READ MORE »


Dynamite Business Relationship

Here are some simple tips to get a dynamite business relationship started:

  • Check your body language, words and voice. Your non-verbal signals tell the real Dynamite Business Relationshipstory of how you feel. Ensure that if your words are positive, the body and facial
    expressions are too. Tight fists or angry eyes with positive words will tell the listener that the message is not sincere or truthful.
  • Shift your concentration and put the spotlight on the customer. This is a powerful way to break down barriers and gain cooperation.



Small Business Challenges

Small Business ChallengesAs entrepreneurs, we encounter a flood of Small Business challenges when we are starting our businesses and making them grow. We are looking to find out what areas are the most challenging to you and your business. We would love your input on this short survey and please feel free to share it with other small business owners.

Small Business Challenges, Why are they important:

  • According to the US Small Business Administration and Census there are over 28 million small businesses.
  • Those 28 million small businesses employ 49% of the workforce.
  • 23 million of them have less than 20 employees. That is 19% of our American workforce.
  • 22 million of them rely solely on them self as the only employee.
  • The owners of these businesses make an average of $35,000 a year.

Please take the a minute to help us find out what challenges todays small business owners are facing.


Community Engagement

community engagementAs a business owner, you are likely working seven days a week and upwards to 18 hours a day.  Whether you’re a new business owner or well established, this is what entrepreneurs do in order to start, grow and sustain our businesses. Stepping outside of the work paradigm and getting involved in at least one community engagement project is not only good for your community but also good for business.

I want to shine some positive light on the importance of why?  Volunteering with a local nonprofit organization will give you and your business greater visibility, create goodwill, and enable you to give back to those who have supported you and your business when you needed it the most. READ MORE »