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Organic Growth

Organic growth – that sounds like someone growing tomatoes in their backyard.  But it also sounds healthy and many people are willing to pay a premium for produce that is grown organically.  In reality, there are similarities between organic gardening and organic business growth.  Both practices are based on using what is already occurring without adding unnecessary outside influences. READ MORE »


Small Business Grants Seeker?

small business grantsEvery small business grants seeker seems to search, review, and then enter a state of major confusion when it comes to finding legitimate Web sites for finding grant funding opportunities.



Small Business Growth

Small business growthIt is a wonderful thing for a business to step from start-up into the threshold of small business growth …but often this is a pivotal moment for many businesses.   I have a saying or mantra that I refer to when working with business owners and students, “It isn’t what happens to you that counts the most, but rather how you respond to what happens.”  This is very true when it comes to organizational change.  If you don’t respond well, it can be the deal breaker for your business and before you know it things are spiraling out of control, and possibly be at risk of circling the drain. READ MORE »


SmartArt – Making It Simple

The Microsoft Office Suite (Office 2007 and later) comes with pre-designed graphics and diagrams called SmartArt.  This tool can be used in place of bulleted lists to add an interesting visual element to documents and presentations. The graphics are organized in categories such as List, Process, Cycle and Hierarchy.  They are useful for displaying relationships between objects, presenting sequential steps in a process, showing organizational hierarchy, and displaying blocks of information. READ MORE »


Financials do They Add Up?

Preparing the financials section of a business plan is often a daunting task. If you have never operated a business before, or taken any accounting classes, even the financial terminology can make it seem as if you have landed in a parallel universe. In order Financialsto discuss your needs with bookkeepers, accountants and investors, you will need to have a basic understanding of the terminology and references to specific accounting forms and processes. READ MORE »