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Create a Relationship Trademark

After your work is done, the papers have been signed, the handshakes have been shared and the glow of the purchase has dimmed, what is left for your new client?

The good work, the product or service that they get is of tremendous importance. But, the lasting feeling that only a committed selling professional can provide is much more fundamental to happy customers and enduring relationships.

Too many people in business leave their relationship trademark to chance. Is it any wonder that their interpersonal effectiveness is less successful than they want it to be? READ MORE »


Route Recalculation


Route Recalculation

Most of the newer vehicles are equipped with GPS (Global Positioning System) to help you navigate from Point A to Point B.  As anyone with a GPS knows when you veer from the prescribed path your car will begin saying route recalculation as it tries to find you another route to your destination. READ MORE »


Working 9 to 5

We all recognize this mantra of working 9 to 5 as the theme song of the daily grind.  However, for small business people, this takes on an entirely different message as it reminds us that time management is not only the desired skill but a necessity.

Working 9 to 5

While it is important to put forth extra energy, especially when starting a business, it is easy to fall into a time management trap.  It is all too tempting to put in that “just a few more minutes” when we are caught up in the creative (or even the administrative) side of our own business.   Let me finish one more report, try one more idea, make one more widget, etc.  The list goes on and on and truly there is no end to the tasks when you are building or managing your business. READ MORE »


When Should I Hire an HR Manager?

If you can fill many of the basic human resources management needs internally, and partner with experts where you have a gap, then you can likely reach a hundred or so employees before you need to think about hiring an HR Manager. My first HR Manager role was with a company of over 250 that went more than 100 years without an HR Manager! Various managers and even VP’s were responsible for overseeing aspects of HR, and they used their legal counsel to create an employee handbook. They hired me because they were facing some EEOC and OSHA issues and finally decided they needed someone on the inside to manage HR.

An HR consultant friend of mine worked 20 hours/week as an HR Director for a company that wasn’t ready for a full-time HR person but wanted someone with high-level HR skills to help them build a solid HR program. They have now grown to a size where they were ready for a full-time person, but my friend was able to put processes in place and provide HR advising for many years.

For more information on HR Management check out my book A Small Business Guide to Peak Performance Through People.


Small Business Books

Small Business BooksThis series of 11 small business books answers many questions you may have about starting and running a business. Save 20% when you buy the whole series now through Oct 15, 2017.

Small business owners need to be aware of legal requirements, financial resources, record-keeping requirements, marketing basics and strategies, communication skills, human resource laws, as well as issues that may arise on a day-to-day basis. Knowing and following the laws will keep you out of legal trouble. Knowing and applying the skills needed to run your business on a day-to-day basis will increase the odds of your success.

The Rule of Thumb small business books will assist you in gaining a basic understanding of what it takes to operate a small business successfully. Each easy to read small business book is less than 125 pages and make a great desk reference for any small business owner.

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