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Small Business Grants Seeker?

small business grantsEvery small business grants seeker seems to search, review, and then enter a state of major confusion when it comes to finding legitimate Web sites for finding grant funding opportunities.




brandingBranding is not about getting your target market to choose you over the competition; it is about getting your prospects to see you as the only one that provides a solution to their problem.  Branding is another critically needed component for business sustainability.  READ MORE »


Community Engagement

community engagementAs a business owner, you are likely working seven days a week and upwards to 18 hours a day.  Whether you’re a new business owner or well established, this is what entrepreneurs do in order to start, grow and sustain our businesses. Stepping outside of the work paradigm and getting involved in at least one community engagement project is not only good for your community but also good for business.

I want to shine some positive light on the importance of why?  Volunteering with a local nonprofit organization will give you and your business greater visibility, create goodwill, and enable you to give back to those who have supported you and your business when you needed it the most. READ MORE »


Be the Shining Light

WBe the Shining Lighthen the idea for writing a workbook to accompany my keynote speech theme of Be the Shining Light, I wrote the idea down. The date was June 7, 2015. I actually logged three ideas that day. One became a blog article for a client; one is still an idea, and the third goal was to create this workbook. In October, I created the cover for this workbook. Today, November 1, 2015, I finally know what I am supposed to share with you and why. Why did I wait? Because this idea was not from me, but through me via the Universe*. I patiently waited and listened for the thoughts to come into my mind.

As small business owners, we become consumed in our day-to-day struggle to manage the business and juggle multiple other responsibilities. Often we walk into our home offices or traditional business settings exhausted at the beginning of our work day. Why? We woke up with a list of to-do’s that had to be completed before we even started talking to our employees or meeting with customers and clients. Today’s small business owner wants it all. From being fit by going to the gym before the sun comes up to dropping children or grandchildren off at school to making the coffee run and picking up the mail or supplies—all before we begin our real work day.

Simple Ways Be the Shining Light

After finishing the Be the Shining Light workbook, I sat down and reflected on the most important takeaways for my readers. I’d like to share them with you:

  • Do not miss an opportunity!
  • Everyone has something meaningful to say to us!
  • Be wild; be free in spirit!
  • Be unpredictable!
  • Be brilliant!
  • Be on a different paradigm than the followers; strive for leadership qualities!
  • You can’t share or teach Be the Shining Light if you can’t Be the Shining Light!
  • Let the Universe guide you through this journey!

*The word Universe will be capitalized throughout this workbook. For me, it represents the highest source of faith, beliefs, actions, and outcomes in our personal and professional lives.

Ready to get started? You can order the Be the Shining Light workbook at Amazon


Sustaining a Small Business

Sustainability is a strategy that drives long-term business growth and profitability. Keeping a small business operating after the start-up phase is a major challenge for small businesses across the country. According to CNN (May 20, 2011), across the United States, small business failure rates rose by 40% between 2007 and 2010, according to the report. Only two-thirds of new small businesses survive at least two years, and just 44 percent survive at least four years, according to a study by the U.S. Small Business Association. Even businesses with substantial start-up funds flail around in a brutal economic climate. Those that survived either cut back severely on expenditures or filed for bankruptcy court protection allowing them to pay off creditors over a longer period of time. Staying solvent means enduring or weathering bad times. Surviving all closure odds and trends means that the survivors had a sustainability plan.

How can I adopt a sustainability mind-set? Strategizing for sustainability involves understanding and adopting the following stay in business mind-set:

  1. Eliminating Visioning Barriers. Focus on being mentally prepared for staying in business beyond the finish line. This means closing your ears to all naysayers who didn’t believe that you could start a business early on and now are waiting to give you bad advice about how to run your business and stay in business.
  2. Sharpening Your Vision. Hone your ability to visualize business success in order to produce more confident actions. Increased confidence about business sustainability breeds success. This means letting go of everyone in your circle of colleagues and friends that don’t share your vision. Controlling the environment that you manage and growing your business is critical to sustainability.
  3. Welcoming Sacrifice. Accept the fact that business success does not come without sacrifice of self, other human sources, and personal/business finances. This means adopting the “failure is not an option” mindset to achieve and sustain your dream of a successful business venture.

For more information on how to make your business sustainable read “The Small Business Guide to Sustainability”