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How is Your Sales Growth

Sales GrowthWhile sales growth is desirable, not all growth has equal consequences or outcomes.  Everyone is familiar with the coined phrase “urban sprawl” which is the result of unplanned growth.  This type of growth happens without forethought and causes unforeseen challenges and complications, often unpleasant or with a negative connotation.   According to, “strategy is not about waiting for opportunities to come to your business. It’s about making sure your business is moving, and most importantly, that it’s moving in the right direction.”

Here are five steps they suggest are needed when developing a solid plan for strategic sales growth: READ MORE »


Global Positioning

Global PositioningBy now we should all be familiar with the benefits of the Global Positioning System. It’s in the cars we drive, the smart phones we use daily, and in ways in which we are not aware. We can punch in a location or address and be rewarded with a detailed route of how to get to our destination and how much time it will take. Detailed maps and obstruction-avoiding alternate routes are provided. If this sounds like navigating through the implementation steps of a business strategic plan, it is exactly that. First, you have to have a plan. READ MORE »


Franchising Your Small Business

Fanchising Small Business GrowthWhile there are several books dealing specifically with business finances, including A Guide to Financing Your Small Business and A Guide to Small Business Finances, any consideration of business growth has to encompass at least some discussion on financing options such as mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and franchising.  READ MORE »


Boss or Leader

Boss or leader

When you start a company (or buy one), you have to choose who you are. Possibly you have been the boss or leader as part of a management group.  As the company develops, you will have to change your role (probably at several intervals along the growth curve). *What is the best and maximum value use of your energy and talents?  What is your passion?  READ MORE »


Business Growth Necessitates Change

It has been said that the only one who likes change is a wet baby and even that can be debatable, however, business growth necessitates change.  The challenge is to predict or anticipate the need for and the effect of the change.  If you are a small start-up, then possibly every aspect of your business will undergo some transformation during a growth spurt.  If you are a larger company that already has division of labor, the changes may not be felt equally among all the different departments at the same time but they will probably all be affected eventually.