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Boss or Leader

Boss or leader

When you start a company (or buy one), you have to choose who you are. Possibly you have been the boss or leader as part of a management group.  As the company develops, you will have to change your role (probably at several intervals along the growth curve). *What is the best and maximum value use of your energy and talents?  What is your passion?  READ MORE »


Business Growth Necessitates Change

It has been said that the only one who likes change is a wet baby and even that can be debatable, however, business growth necessitates change.  The challenge is to predict or anticipate the need for and the effect of the change.  If you are a small start-up, then possibly every aspect of your business will undergo some transformation during a growth spurt.  If you are a larger company that already has division of labor, the changes may not be felt equally among all the different departments at the same time but they will probably all be affected eventually.



Organic Growth

Organic growth – that sounds like someone growing tomatoes in their backyard.  But it also sounds healthy and many people are willing to pay a premium for produce that is grown organically.  In reality, there are similarities between organic gardening and organic business growth.  Both practices are based on using what is already occurring without adding unnecessary outside influences. READ MORE »


Starting a Business . . At The Begining

Starting a BusinessStarting a business is an exciting, exhilarating and yes, scary time. There are so many questions and the first one to ask is “Where do I begin?” Some people take the “swim or sink” approach and dive right off the high tower into the deep end of the pool. Others tip-toe into entrepreneurship, take swimming lessons and gradually reach the deep end of the pool. Both approaches have been successful under certain circumstances but most people would at least like to know how to swim (even if it is just dog paddle) before they jump into the water. In addition to having a great product or idea, you will need to rein in your enthusiasm (don’t jump in yet) and complete some mundane tasks associated with starting a business. READ MORE »


Financials do They Add Up?

Preparing the financials section of a business plan is often a daunting task. If you have never operated a business before, or taken any accounting classes, even the financial terminology can make it seem as if you have landed in a parallel universe. In order Financialsto discuss your needs with bookkeepers, accountants and investors, you will need to have a basic understanding of the terminology and references to specific accounting forms and processes. READ MORE »