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Incorrect Usage

Incorrect UsageLike it or not and regardless of how many times one hears the incorrect usage, words like “everyone,” “everybody,” “nobody,” and “someone” are, in almost all cases, singular – in other words, all pronouns that end in “one” or “body” take a singular verb.

Let’s talk a little logic here. “One” signifies one object – therefore, singular. The word “body” is also singular. Why, then, would words like “somebody” or “everyone” be plural? READ MORE »


Organizing Information

When developing written communicate make sure you cover the basics by organizing information in a logical, easily understood manner.

organizing informationThe simple “Rule of Thumb” is the following:  Always, always, always make an outline before starting the rough draft. An outline will keep the information organized and prevent you from putting material where it doesn’t belong. READ MORE »


Networking, Not for Computers

The networking discussed here has nothing to do with computers. Networking has to do with growing your group – i.e., “network” – of business associates, customers and friends. Using “schmooze” in connection with networking puts it squarely in the context of people and conversation, not computers. The word “schmooze” is derived from a Yiddish word that means to chat or converse. It’s a fun word that helps remind all of us that we should not take ourselves too seriously – especially when engaging in some friendly schmoozing.



Listening Skills Play

The following items provide some clarification about what listening is and is not, as well as what role listening skills play in effective communication. Some you may have already thought about, others perhaps not. READ MORE »


Banish Writer’s Block

banish writer’s blockMost people have few problems knowing what they want or need to write. The problem arises when they sit down to do the actual writing. Panic sets in. Every piece of the process can seem hugely daunting and mysterious. They often have no idea where to start, let alone how to get to the finish line. How do does one banish writer’s block? READ MORE »