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Are You Mingling?

MinglingMany people are uncomfortable mingling during a networking event. We are often worried about what people will think of us. The easiest way to get around that is to put our focus on them. How? First of all, look for people who appear somewhat lonely, standing by themselves. They appreciate us coming up to them and initiating a conversation. This helps get relationship-building conversations started while promoting confidence in ourselves and the other person. It is easier to join a group previously engaged in a discussion after someone leaves, breaking the circle of participants, which then allow us to comfortably slip right in. The following guidelines will also help: READ MORE »


You Are a Powerful Brand

YOU are a powerful brand! What does it say? The wealth of information shared here will empower you to intentionally build your most successful brand, NOW! Enjoy learning a myriad of techniques for positively powerful brandinfluencing people, making an excellent first impression and increasing the bottom line! In today’s competitive business environment, good manners, proper speech patterns, careful grooming, and professional communication skills can make the difference between getting ahead and being left behind. READ MORE »


Cubicle World

Cubicle WorldBecause those in cubicle world are so visible, there is a subconscious assumption that the person is always available. Following are some guidelines for our workday life in the cubicle world. READ MORE »


Communication Checklist

Do you know what it takes to be a dynamic communicator?  Here is a communication communication checklistchecklist to help you:

  • Check your body language, words and voice. Your non-verbal signals tell the real story of how you feel. Ensure that if your words are positive, the body and facial expressions are too. Tight fists or angry eyes with positive words will tell the listener that the message is not sincere or truthful.



Preparing Conversations

conversationsAre you comfortable initiating conversations with people you have never met when you are at networking events?  How about preparing ahead of time?

First off, do a self-assessment, know what is interesting about yourself and share it!  YES, you have many interesting (business appropriate) things to share!