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Vision Statement

Where the mission explains why the organization exists and the work it does every day, the vision statement sets a long-term goal for the organization. The vision statement is a very short phrase or sentence that sets an exciting tone for planning the future of the organization. It is the organization’s shared hopes, dreams, and image of the future.

The vision statement answers: READ MORE »


Work Life

If you are reading this Rule of Thumb for Business blog you are looking for ways to make your work life more productive and successful.  Am I right? I thought so.

work life

As an entrepreneur, I know you understand the concept  of planning. Yet, how often do you practice planning? At the beginning of a venture, whether starting a new business or modifying some aspect of a current business, planning takes a front seat, and yet, I know the complications of everyday tasks can, and do push on-going planning to the back. READ MORE »


Mission Statement? Now What

Mission StatmentNow you are in the habit of sharing your Mission Statement, everywhere and with everyone you need to have it do its job for your company.What do I mean?A Mission Statement, as we have discussed is not just a pretty wall decoration, it has a job to do and it’s an important one. I fear that many company leaders feel that once the initial writing of the Mission Statement is done we can all get back to the work at hand.  When this happens, and it happens a lot in my experience, a disconnect is created between the work and what we started out wanting to create when the company was originally founded.



Creative Decision

creative decisionHow can you make a creative decision when you are answering questions like these; Paper or Plastic? Windows open or air conditioning? Dress up or casual? Get up when the alarm goes off or snooze? Cookie or apple?

Decisions, you make hundreds of them every day. Whether you think deeply about each one or they are just an automatic reaction to a life situation, they are a part of our lives—and businesses.  Do you enjoy making decisions and solving problems or is it a fact of life that you try to avoid?  How we feel about making decisions and solving problems will determine how easily we can make decisions that are positive for our businesses or decisions that lead to more challenges.



Presentations Sell

presentations sellDo you have a great business idea? Having an idea for a business can be the impetus that gets us started in our own business. But, do you have the wherewithal to do the work, day in and day out, to bring that idea to life? According to GrowthWheel there are seven action steps to move your idea to fruition. They are, Ideation, Research, Decision-Making, Sparring, Testing, Documentation for conviction, and Presentations sell ideas. I will be sharing a series of blog posts to discuss each of these ideas. I hope they strike a chord for you and help you move your idea forward. READ MORE »